Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Naming our Band

Naming a Band can be the most challenging part, a great name is vital. Our first idea was to take inspiration from the Arctic Monkeys and have an animal in the name, this lead us to Otter Freckle. We liked this for a few weeks then realised it wasn't for us, after reading many articles on choosing a band name we decided to take inspiration from a song name; we came up with Tumbling Dice (Rolling Stones) but then realised there were a few 60's cover bands with this name. Our next step was to stop over thinking the name. last week when in the studio we got a lot of reverb off the PA system and thought we'd came across a great name, after a quick internet search we realised every other band seemed to be called The Reverbs. We then decided our band name needed to mean a bit more to us so we decided to reflect football in our band name. Our first idea was The Deficit, but we figured it could be easily misspelt. Our latest idea is The Assist. We're still putting thought into our band name and want to make sure we get it right, any feedback would be appreciated.

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