Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Mixing with the stars!

Having experienced what it is like to mix with people of a high status such as the likes of Dion Dublin , Andy Hopkins and Stephen graham all previously at celebrity LUKE 1977 golf day, our latest addition to our celebrity fan base is session drummer Ash Sheehan. Ash drums at gigs and concerts all over Europe for artists such as The Twang and Busta Rhymes. He is a very down to earth guy and originally from Walsall! , he was quick to join the lads from the band for a night out down town and even quicker to bag himself a ticket for our upcoming headline gig on 15th November at the O2 academy in Birmingham.

M.A.S photoshoot

After weeks of 'paid for rehearsals' down at burntwood's studio's , M.A.S felt it was time to take that next step in terms of promoting our band. Rehearsal time has helped us massively towards developing our music , becoming tight as a band and finding our sound. Most of all it has opened up more opportunities to concentrate on other things that come with being in a band. This past weekend we took part in a photo-shoot down at our previous rehearsal area A.J.S metals. We felt it would be a great background for the photo-shoot as it is a family scrapyard and has played a big part in developing the band.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Finding our sound! (control)

Having recently been working hard these past few weeks in the studios we believe we have managed to emphasise the sound we aim to promote in our most recent songs. We also thought its about time we shared our music with you to give you an idea of what sort of band we are, the writing process we go through and the sound we offer. The following tune has been recorded and put up on Soundcloud for you lot to listen too, the tune is called 'control' and is a very upbeat song. You can listen below at

'LUKE 1977' gig

Last night we played a golf day gig for clothing range 'LUKE 1977' at culderfields golf course in Walsall. The day overall was a great day and we managed to gain a few celebrity fans. We had an early set time of 6:30 opening the indoor music bill whilst everyone returned from there 18 holes. The day will be remembered for a long time as the day Stephen graham (This is England, Boardwalk Empire) became a fan of The Assist. His exact words were "you lads really capture the essence". He was quick to snap a demo CD off us for his car and also made himself aware of our upcoming tour dates.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Assist at Liverpool

This week just gone consisted of our first of many gigs to come across the big cities of England. Where else to kick it all off with a day out and a gig in Liverpool. After numerous trips to and from the car park carrying all our gear , an afternoon in the cavern and a cracking pre gig steak, we eventually played our 45 minute set to a reasonable audience of 100 people at famous Liverpool venue , The Lomax. Oasis and stereophonics both played this venue during their early days and road to fame.

Midlands live band of the year?

We have recently felt we had done plenty enough gigs within the midlands area to now begin gigging elsewhere to broaden our fan base. This thought could not have been more solidified by recent news that we have been nominated for the 'midlands live band of the year' award. Along with three other bands we will be attending an awards ceremony held at well known midlands venue 'The Robin 2'. We will be asked to play in front of 4 judge panellists and a possible audience capacity of 700, tickets are available to purchase on the venues website. We believe if we was to achieve such an accomplishment and have the label of 'midlands live band of the year 2013', it would be a great way to end our year where we first began at 'The Robin 2' supporting Bruce Foxton's From The Jam.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Gigging further afield!

After recent successful gigs at venues such as the Sunflower Lounge , the O2 academy 3 and the Little Civic , we felt it was about time we left the midlands and began searching for gigs further afield! The next few months we plan to hopefully widen our fan base with gigs in both Liverpool and Manchester. The plan is to get more material up online with the help of M.A.S records which will hopefully give us  the opportunity to share our music with promoters nationwide , and hopefully receive gigs across the UK rather than just locally.