Saturday, 26 January 2013

Our First Live Performance

It was all very last minute as we turned up at Bloxwich Library for their Open mic night, they had an amazing set up with PA system ,stage and full drum kit so this was a great opportunity for our first performance. We got threw in at the deep end and went on stage first. We were all nervous but everything went perfectly, we played two songs Be who you want to me and The Stories. We couldn't of asked for a better response as the organisers of the event asked us if we'd headline a future show!!. A big thanks to Bookmark Bloxwich for this opportunity!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

New Video Blog

Haven't posted in a while as we've been working away at our introduction video. You can find the video at the link posted above, it's got some samples of our tracks and gives you an insight into who we are. We also recently hit over 500 views and would like to thank everyone who's followed our progress so far!!!

The Assist

Thursday, 10 January 2013

From Venezuela to Australia

It's mad to think that within under a week we have reached 286 views, we've even had views from Venezuela and Australia!!  Just 5 days ago we began this blog, we are more than grateful to those who have taken time to review our page and share our ambition. We continue to work hard during practice and it shouldn't be long until we have some work to share with you. Recent practice and progress in band chemistry has resulted in the booking of a recording session at our local studios with aims to record our first song. After family and friend orientated feedback we can also safely announce that the name of our band has been declared as The Assist. we believe that the confirmation in our name is a strong statement and we can now push on to further broaden our reputation by opening up social networking pages on sites such as Facebook twitter etc. The idea is to have all pages set up and running by the end of the month as well as our first song so that you'll be able to hear what we are all about. Recent posts have been written by guitarist Ryan , however we have came to an agreement that further input should be put into the blog from both I, Mikey and drummer Will .

Thanks Mikey.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Naming our Band

Naming a Band can be the most challenging part, a great name is vital. Our first idea was to take inspiration from the Arctic Monkeys and have an animal in the name, this lead us to Otter Freckle. We liked this for a few weeks then realised it wasn't for us, after reading many articles on choosing a band name we decided to take inspiration from a song name; we came up with Tumbling Dice (Rolling Stones) but then realised there were a few 60's cover bands with this name. Our next step was to stop over thinking the name. last week when in the studio we got a lot of reverb off the PA system and thought we'd came across a great name, after a quick internet search we realised every other band seemed to be called The Reverbs. We then decided our band name needed to mean a bit more to us so we decided to reflect football in our band name. Our first idea was The Deficit, but we figured it could be easily misspelt. Our latest idea is The Assist. We're still putting thought into our band name and want to make sure we get it right, any feedback would be appreciated.

Monday, 7 January 2013

The Youth of Today

First of all the process of writing this blog has been painfully slow as my whole estate has been without internet. The youth of today decided on new year's eve to burn out the estate's junction box, its a sign of the times and leaves us without internet until the 11th of January!!! We've been practicing hard and trying to get to the studios at every opportunity, weekends are manic as we all play for different football teams on a saturday and sunday.Yesterday we went straight to the studios in our football kits looking the part! Here's a picture of us practicing from last week:

Friday, 4 January 2013

An Introduction

Music makes the world go round and we've always dreamt of being in a band and playing live. Our band was formed towards the end of last year, the band consisted of Mikey Stanton a lead singer who had no real experience, Will Osborne on drums who was a complete beginner and Ryan Stanton on guitar. We started practicing at our local studios in Walsall and we had real chemistry, by the end of the first couple of practises we could play along to a  few covers well . Mikey has a huge passion for song writing and worked really well together with Ryan as being brothers we could be completely honest with each other without falling out. After around 5 practices we had 3 of our own songs that we could play all the way through and that sounded really good, by this time we had all improved as musicians dramatically. We are yet to have a band name, yet to play live, yet to go on any social networking site and yet to have a single listener. We want to see how far we can progress in terms of song plays and listeners in 365 days. We hope to share our passion for music and the challenges we face through this blog and hope it makes good reading.