Thursday, 10 January 2013

From Venezuela to Australia

It's mad to think that within under a week we have reached 286 views, we've even had views from Venezuela and Australia!!  Just 5 days ago we began this blog, we are more than grateful to those who have taken time to review our page and share our ambition. We continue to work hard during practice and it shouldn't be long until we have some work to share with you. Recent practice and progress in band chemistry has resulted in the booking of a recording session at our local studios with aims to record our first song. After family and friend orientated feedback we can also safely announce that the name of our band has been declared as The Assist. we believe that the confirmation in our name is a strong statement and we can now push on to further broaden our reputation by opening up social networking pages on sites such as Facebook twitter etc. The idea is to have all pages set up and running by the end of the month as well as our first song so that you'll be able to hear what we are all about. Recent posts have been written by guitarist Ryan , however we have came to an agreement that further input should be put into the blog from both I, Mikey and drummer Will .

Thanks Mikey.

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