Monday, 18 March 2013

Social Networking

The progress keeps on coming as this week we enhanced our social presence. We now have an up an running facebook page which you can find at We also are now on Soundcloud  at We hope everyones that has followed us from the start can continue to support us on these sites. We've had our music tab up for a few days now and we still want as much feedback as possible, so feel free to drop us a comment.

Saturday, 16 March 2013


We made another huge step today as we finalised our logo; it was designed with the help of inDrecords. We Believe a  logo is very important to a bands image as it is often the first thing people associate you with. We're also hoping to put our logo on merchandise like T-shirts to sell at gigs.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Recording Part 2

We turned up to this recording session with great enthusiasm having been looking forward to it all week. As we had gained some experience we felt really comfotable in the studio and we were making great progress. within this last week we have managed to complete 3 songs a high standard, however this didn't come easily, spending 7 straight hours in the studio without a break eventually catches up on you. we had a great time and nothing beats hearing your song played back to you for the first time. we've now got a music tab where you can have a listen to two of our latest tracks.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Today we had our 1st ever recording session, we desperately needed a demo so we can show everyone our music. The recording process began slowly as it was a multi-track recording; we had no experience of playing to a click track or playing on our own without the rest of the band supporting us. We spent 4 hours their today and managed to complete one song. We had planned to complete more than just the one song, however we was a little too ambitious with our aims and didnt truly appreciate how long it takes to master a song to perfection. If we were to give any advice to anyone wanting to record it would be to certainly get the right producer. Our producer Carl Windsor has amazing experience touring the world in a tribute band The Complete Beatles, he knew exactly the sound we were after and he directed our song brilliantly. A big thanks to Carl and the work he did with us today , we look forward to continuing our work with him over the next few weeks to get more songs recorded. The current track we are working on is 'Be Yourself' and we hope to be sharing it with you by the end of this week!!!

Friday, 1 March 2013

The Flapper

In contrast to previous gigs, this night seemed to have a much more relaxed approach and a very chilled atmosphere. With the crowd beginning to fill up, setting up and soundcheck seemed to fly by with little nerves. We began our set with "Be Yourself"; the hours of practice put in by Mikey on the bass definately paid off as all went well with this being the first time we had Bass guitar in our line-up. The crowd consisted of good friends who came to support us (who certainly seemed to have a good night) and also new faces who we seemed to be a hit with . Our set consisted of the original seven songs plus 2 new songs: "Same Old" and "She's a Witch. We couldn't go through a post about last night without mentioning the complimentary shoutout from Two Days Late labelling us "The new Twang!!". Staying on topic Two Days Late are an unbeleivable band, top lads, check them out at!/pages/Two-Days-Late/151776984885592?fref=ts

Overall it was a great night at The Flapper and the gig signalled great progress for us. Our focus for the next month is to get a few songs recorded so we can really start to promote our music!!!!