Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Having reached over half way point of our journey into becoming recognised as a fine band we thought it would be best to take a back seat and reflect on what we have achieved. From our first gig as a 3 piece at the local library it is insane to think that in less than a few months time we will be playing a headline slot at O2 academy 3 in Birmingham. Along the way we have hit incredible highs as well as lows however it is the experience which has helped us to develop as a band and mature as musicians , it is less than 2 months ago when we supported jam legend Bruce Foxton in his current tribute band 'from the jam'. This was our first gig as a four piece and since then we haven't looked back. We have a busy schedule from now up until late August and we have plenty of news to share with you within the coming weeks , from a new practice lock up too high status venue headlines , here's to an exciting second half of the year.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Live Video

Our gig at the Wharf last week was amazing in many ways, it turns out the gig was recorded with live audio and also video. This now means we can release some live tracks from the night, but more importantly we've now got a live video. The video was recorded and produced by Trix Dubz at let us know what you think because we think it's amazing!

The Assist Live at Wharf 08/06/13

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Charitable Lads

This past weekend has to be the band's most successful one yet, having played both Newhampton arts centre in Wolverhampton and the Wharf bar in Walsall, we certainly left a strong impression on the audience we played to. Both gigs went down very well , the Wharf was great as it was such a local venue to us and literally everyone we knew was there . To keep the band momentum up we have hit practice hard this week as the gigs are coming thick and fast! We have plenty of exciting news to share with you over these next few weeks as the band continue to progress. However for the meantime we will be preparing for another gig this Sunday at "Compton in the park" charity festival at Wolverhampton West Park in aid of Compton hospice.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Express & star!

"hard work doesn't go without recognition"... A phrase which is often used these days which couldn't sum this post up any better! Massive thanks to journalist Jenny Ormsby for her article in a west midlands local paper the express and star on our band "The Assist". The article covers all aspects of our band from what we do in our everyday lives , to what we plan to achieve as a band! We see the article as a fine advertisement for the band and gives the public an insight into what personalities are present within the band! Finally we also see the article as a great chance for everyone to become aware of the upcoming gigs we have in the next few months! UP THE ASSIST!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


After a considerable amount of time away from social media we've been focusing on live performance in order to be fully prepared for a busy upcoming schedule , weeks of practice have payed off as we now have managed to complete our 45 minute set which will be played at numerous venues around the midlands in the next few months or so.
Gigs kick start this Friday at Newhampton arts centre in Wolverhampton where we will be performing with four other live bands, the following night we are then straight back at it with a gig supporting great local band Two 'N' Eights both night are set to be full of great live music and a lively audience. Later dates have also been arranged such as the 5th of July we are at the O2 academy 3 in Birmingham and to finalise our latest gig line up we finish on the 19th headlining the sunflower lounge before we then begin work for summer festivals. If there is anyone who would like to come to any of the gigs be in touch!! Below is a picture to just give you a bit of an insight into the dramas that occur in practice... Hence the broken guitar!!