Friday, 4 January 2013

An Introduction

Music makes the world go round and we've always dreamt of being in a band and playing live. Our band was formed towards the end of last year, the band consisted of Mikey Stanton a lead singer who had no real experience, Will Osborne on drums who was a complete beginner and Ryan Stanton on guitar. We started practicing at our local studios in Walsall and we had real chemistry, by the end of the first couple of practises we could play along to a  few covers well . Mikey has a huge passion for song writing and worked really well together with Ryan as being brothers we could be completely honest with each other without falling out. After around 5 practices we had 3 of our own songs that we could play all the way through and that sounded really good, by this time we had all improved as musicians dramatically. We are yet to have a band name, yet to play live, yet to go on any social networking site and yet to have a single listener. We want to see how far we can progress in terms of song plays and listeners in 365 days. We hope to share our passion for music and the challenges we face through this blog and hope it makes good reading.

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  1. Really hope 2013 is a great year and a journey you will all enjoy. Good luck for the 365 day project, it won't be easy but let music be your inspiration and guide.